As the Conference will take place on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 19th, 2013 at the Venice International University in the S. Servolo Island, we advise as an accomodation the SAN SERVOLO HOTEL.

San Servolo offers an accommodation service available throughout the year for those staying in the city for congresses, conferences and training courses. The facility can accommodate more than 300 people and the offer is also aimed at educators, scholars, professors and researchers visit the city, writers and artists. The rooms are set in a beautiful, lush park, are air conditioning, television, telephone and internet access. The reception is assured continuously day and night. They are available to guests San Servolo Cafe and Restaurant, a sports field for the game of tennis, basketball and soccer. The restoration of the island of San Servolo is one of the most complex and demanding among those completed by the Administration of the Province of Venice. The project of the Province aimed to return the island to the city and to the international community, with the aim of making it an engine of the revival of Venetian life through initiatives that highlight the vocation to the international dialogue, confrontation between cultures and experiences. A heritage that is made accessible and functional through the allocation of the monumental complex of the whole island as a training center and cultural and social development.

 ROOMS’PRICE : - SINGLE :102,90 € - DOUBBLE 150,80€

Rooms prices include Breakfast and Tourist tax (1,40 euro per night), in double room for 2 persons

The Isle covers an area of 4,82 hectares and is composed by a vast buildings’ complex. San Servolo was, for thousand years, seat of different monastic orders. The first settlement dates back to 600 when a group of Benedictine monks, expelled by the Franks from the monastery of St. Stefano d'Altino, took refuge in the island. Between 764 and 804 family Calbana built the church dedicated to St. Servolo with the adjacent convent. In 1109 the island saw the constitution of the convent of Benedictine nuns. The sisters remained there for five centuries, until 1615 when they were transferred to the city. From 1647 the complex was offered to 200 Benedictine nuns, Dominican and Franciscan resident in the Island of Candia (Crete), to save them from the Turkish conquest. The nuns used the island until their extinction after that, in 1716, the monastery was closed. In 1715 the island was virtually uninhabited for which the Senate of the Republic decided to use the former convent as the seat of the new military hospital (war against the Turks), that was merged in Venice a large number of soldiers, had made insufficient spaces the Military Hospital of Sant'Angelo di Castello. It was prepared a master plan to restructure the "factories" and the pharmacy of the island, whose medicines were produced by the monks. From this moment the history of the island can be reconstructed by superimposing both the city's history that the attitude of constituted authority in relation to the phenomenon of disabling diseases in general and in particular of madness. In 1978 the enactment of Law no. 180 decreed the closure of psychiatric hospitals. On 13 August the same year, the last patients were transferred from the island of San Servolo hospital in Morocco (VE). The Province of Venice, which has always retained the ownership of the island, has guaranteed the custody and, starting in the '90s, the recovery has started to transform this place of suffering into an opportunity to promote multicultural. In 2003 renovations were completed, he island has regained its original shape due to the lagoon environment.

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