Società Italiana degli Economisti dei Trasporti e della Logistica (SIET)  
Italian Society of Transport and Logistics Economists

XX Scientific Meeting, Mobility and the city: policies for sustainability”,

DAStU, Politecnico di Milano Milan, June 20th-22nd, 2018

The Italian Society of Transport and Logistics Economists (Società Italiana di Economia dei Trasporti e della Logistica, SIET) is organising its annual conference to be held at Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy. The conference, hosting original scientific contributions from scholars and practitioners in all fields of transport economics, is introduced by a plenary session focusing on the relationship between cities, territories and mobility. This complex relationship, now often faced under the label of “sustainable mobility”, is actually made of many interconnected layers: economy, governance, land-use planning, technical and technological choices, environment, etc. The session will try to explore such dimensions, in particular taking into account the role of land-use planning and of governance structure in the mobility-related outcomes.

The conference is organised in one initial plenary session followed by parallel sessions. The 3-days are concluded by a side-event, open to non-academic participants, about the rising phenomenon of travel platforms and their influence on market regulation. Special Session reference persons and normal sessions moderators are invited to join the final parallel session, fully devoted to the discussion of results and of possible research topics.

Two type of sessions will be organized:

- Sessions with pre-defined discussant;

- Sessions with open discussion.

In order to qualify for the Session with the pre-defined discussant, the paper should be submitted within May, 30th in order to allow some time for the discussant to study the paper. The discussant will have 5 minute to present her\his discussion.    

 Call for special sessions  - deadline: March 12th, 2018 (extended)

Participants can propose Special Sessions. A special-session organiser is expected to propose a topic and collect the interest of at least three papers, of different authors. The proposal must include: a) title of the session;  b) reference person(s); c) possible duration of the session (1 or more parallel sessions); d) minimum of 3 papers that will be interested in participating (and authors): e) if the Special Session is expected to produce a Special Issue on a journal (and the possible journal). 

Call for papers - deadline for abstracts: April 17th, 2018; deadline for papers: May 30th, 2018

We welcome papers from all academics, researchers, students, and those working in policy and practice. These are the conference themes: Transport planning (urban, regional and national scale); Transport economics (micro and macro); Financing and market regulation;  Economic assessment of project and policies;  Logistics;  Mode-specific studies (aviation, maritime, road, rail, mass transit); Tourism and transport; Transport and land-use relation; Technologies for transport and mobility; Sustainability and its dimensions (environment, social, financial, …).

The deadline for the submission of the extended abstract (around 800 words) is April 17th 2018. The acceptance of the work will be communicated by April 16th. The document should indicate: title, author(s), affiliations, corresponding contact, JEL classification and three keywords. The abstract should state clearly the research question, the methodology, the main (or expected) results and references. The abstracts will be refereed by a scientific committee.  

The abstracts must be submitted to: The author(s) will be asked to join one of the accepted special sessions in case the topic of their abstract(s) fits that specific special session.


The Conference is organised by the Dipartimento di Architettura e Studi Urbani (DAStU) at the Politecnico of Milan.

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